Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mulligan of the Week: starring Matt Schaub

Jeffri Chadiha of ESPN.com writes “Matt Schaub has established himself as a leader. But if he wants to become an elite quarterback, he needs to take the Texans to the playoffs.”

Hmm- Talk about a stretch.

First of all, “already established himself as a leader”? Huh? What am I missing here?

Let’s go over Schaub’s career:

He’s missed five games in each of the last two years.

His career record is 10-14 as a starter. For comparisons sake, Rex Grossman is 19-12.

He’s a terrible 2-10 on the road the last two seasons!

True signs of a leader, right?

Even Sage Rosenfels (6-4) has had a better starting record than Schaub the last two years with the same exact team.

So don’t tell me Schaub is a playoff appearance away from being considered an elite quarterback. Also, why is Chadiha throwing out the word “elite” so loosely? There are 32 starting quarterbacks each year. 12 of those quarterbacks (37.5%) make the playoff. Are the top 37.5% of the league considered elite? Not really.

Save the elite status for guys like Brady, Peyton, and Roethlisberger.

Basically, Matt Schaub has a career much like former quarterback Rob Johnson. Johnson, like Schaub, was a back-up quarterback, who turned some good stats in some not-so meaningful games, into another team overpaying to trade for him. Johnson, like Schaub, was inconsistent, injury-prone, and has had people questioning if he’s even the best quarterback on his team.

So to Jeffri Chadiha, this article should read more as: “Matt Schaub hasn't really established himself as a a decent quarterback yet, so if he wants to stay a starter in this league, he needs to finally stay healthy and take the Texans to the playoffs.”

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  1. Haha nice. I have to agree with you on this one. He could be serviceable starter if he wasn't made out of paper mache`. He gets hurt every other game. He puts up some decent stats, but the road record is pretty awful. Kudos to him for getting the big contract though.