Monday, August 10, 2009

Paging Dr. Common Sense: Vick Should Have More Options Than You Think

We all heard from Tony Dungy stating Michael Vick has plenty of interested teams. And we also recently heard Green Bay might have some interest (despite not being a great fit, since they already have a ton of young quarertbacks).

However, what team would fit Vick the best? He obviously has talent (38-28-1 career record), and despite being out of football for two years, he’s still probably better than some starters, and most back-up quarterbacks in the league. So let’s go over his best options.

First, let’s cancel out all the teams that play in cities which rank in’s Top 10 Cities to Visit With Your Dog, as pointed out by Mike Sando at

That cancels out San Francisco, Dallas, Carolina, Chicago, San Diego, NY Giants, NY Jets, and Detroit. That leaves 24 teams, and wouldn’t you know it, he would fit nicely into at least nine of them.

If Vick came back in a back-up role, he would be a great option if the team’s starter went down with an injury, especially if the team is still competitive. Vick is no doubt a better option than the collections of stiffs the following four teams are shelling out as second-stringers.

New Orleans: Vick > Mark Brunell/Joey Harrington

Buffalo: Vick > Ryan Fitzpatrick

Cincinnati: Vick > J.T. O’Sullivan

Jacksonville Vick > Cleo Lemon

Also- you could certainly make a case for Philadelphia (Kolb), and New England (O’Connell), especially if these teams just need to keep a float for 2 or 3 games due to an injury.

Not only that- Vick is a better option as a starter for the following three NFC teams:

Tampa Bay: Even though the Bucs have about 87 quarterbacks on their roster, Tampa Bay fans cannot possibly be comfortable with the Byron Leftwich, Luke McNown situation. You’re telling me either of those guys are better than Vick? It hurts my head that Tampa has two blue-chippers (Josh Johnson, and Josh Freeman), whom they are not even considering as an option right now. What a waste of time for the organization.

Minnesota: Childress whiffed on Favre, and is stuck with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. Childress is a rash, drastic coach (can I add dumb?) who lives on the hot seat, so why not take a flyer on Vick? Vick not playing for two years is still an upgrade over the Jackson/Rosenfels disaster combo. I wish Minnesota just started the JD Booty era already!

St. Louis: Vick’s best option. Let’s face it - St. Louis is going to stink this year. For some reason, they are set on Marc Bulger being their starter this year. Yes- they ARE ignoring the fact that Bulger stinks (4-23 in the last two seasons and 14-37 since 2005), and their back-up is Kyle Boller. You’re not telling me Vick wouldn’t be a good option here? Think about it this way: would you trade a bag of feces for what’s behind door number 2? Hmmm…

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  1. Hey dude. Don't forget. Vick would work great in wildcat formations as a wideout or RB. He's a pretty versatile offensive weapon so he'll no doubt have plenty of offers.