Monday, August 31, 2009

The Quarterback Shuffle...

Could Tom Brady have another injury-riddled season? If that's the case-I already hear the rest of the AFC give a collective giddy reaction. However, New England now has a terrible back-up situation since they cut...

Kevin O’Connell. This was a very curious decision since New England's main backup now is Andrew Walter -- and I don’t even think Bill Belichick can win with Walter under center (if necessary). Wouldn't Damon Huard (15-12 career record) be a great fit for the Pats? O’Connell looks to land in Denver, or in Kansas City- since..

Matt Cassel is now out 2-4 weeks, and will probably miss the Chiefs opener and maybe beyond. This leaves Kansas City with the trio of Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle, and potentially O’Connell. If Cassel is destined to have an injury-riddled year, the Chiefs are destined for failure with the Thigpen/Croyle combo (1-18 career record combined!). Yikes! I'd like to clarify that my Chiefs sleeper team status is contingent on Cassel being healthy.

Jay Cutler looked very solid in a hostile situation. However, it was in the pre-season, and vs. the Denver Broncos (who are now looking more and more like a 5-11 team). Also, for anti-Cutler fans, I just thought of the slogan “You can’t spell Cutler without L”

Kyle Orton is looking very shaky, and back-up Chris Simms is already injured. Denver certainly needs another quarterback at this point. Denver should make a serious run for a young quarterback like O’Connell, or a Drew Stanton, Josh Joshnson-type.

Matt Leinart looked pretty great this past weekend. Leinart has gotten a terrible wrap throughout his career, especially under the Whisenhunt regime. If Kurt Warner does go down due to injury this year, the Cardinals will still be in really good shape. Don't be surprised!

As much as I like Shaun Hill, there are whispers going around San Francisco that rookie Nate Davis could be their future. Kudos to the 49ers for starting someone logical like Hill, and having another young quarterback with potential in their pipeline.

Tampa Bay settled on Byron Leftwich as their starting quarterback. In other news, Tampa Bay also settled on the notion of a 6-10 record.

Brady Quinn looks to be crowned the starting quarterback in Cleveland. And Yes- poor Derek Anderson could probably start on another team at this point. Eric Mangini has yet to announce anything in regards to this quarterback battle, which further backs-up my feeling that Mangini is a coach who wants to come off as tough, and strategic but is much more of a indecisive, push-over type.

and finally- Mark Sanchez looked pretty great this past Saturday vs. the Giants. If he can cut down on some of those Vinny Testaverde-esque easily anticipated passes to the sideline, which is a Pick-6 in the making- Sanchez and the Jets will be in great shape.

...the season starts in two weeks, and I'm ready for some football.

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  1. It looks like Eric Mangini wants Derek Anderson in as his starting quaterback. It was this type of thinking that got Mangini, the Browns job in the first place. Remember he was FIRED by the Jets for making subpar decisions. Browns fans will have another long 6-10 year.