Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Flags: Starring The Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans in theory took a step forward improving to a league’s best 13-3 after going 10-6 the previous year. However, in that time, they have left their supposed franchise quarterback out to dry, by not instilling confidence in him, and bringing 36 year-old, former alcoholic, Kerry Collins back as their starting quarterback.

So here’s the bad news for Tennessee Titans fans. Do you realize Kerry Collins is your starting quarterback? Yes - Kerry Collins.

Do you remember not so long ago in 2006, when Jeff Fisher signed Collins in late August to be your starter over Billy Volek, and how idiotic that seemed at the time? After going 0-3, people were wondering how in the world would anyone voluntarily want to start Kerry Collins as your quarterback?

Fast forward to 2008- After Vince Young got injured and had some serious issues (including depression), Collins led the Titans to a league best record. Shocking? Yes! Has he done it before? Well…Yes. But…

Kerry Collins has been an up and down quarterback his entire career! Why would Tennessee wager Collins having another great season (which is unlikely), against potentially damaging Vince Young’s career even further?

Do you know Kerry Collins has made the playoffs three times in his career before 2008, and in all three cases, Collins has struggled immensely in the year after, going a combined 17-25? Do you realize his career record (including last year’s 12-3), Collins record as a starter is still under .500 (79-85).

Also- why are they giving up on Vince Young already? The team drafted him with the third pick in the 2006 Draft to be their franchise quarterback. In that time, he’s won Offensive Rookie of the Year, and brought the team to the playoffs in 2007. He’s 18-11 as a starter! As much as people turn to his underwhelming stats, mechanics, or recent behavior- he still has the potential, and has already proven, that he can be a good starter in this league.

Vince Young should have been given back the starting role immediately after the Titans playoff loss last year back in January. As much as Vince Young has gone through- even Kerry Collins believes in second chances.

The more I think about it- a scenario like this makes me consider how overrated Jeff Fisher may be as a coach? Let’s look at this further…

Jeff Fisher is a career 128-102 (557%), which is very good. However, in his 14 full years as a coach, he’s only made the playoffs six times. In the playoffs, he can and should be viewed as shaky, going 5-6. Coaches get fired for early playoff exits or only taking his team to the playoffs every other year.

For example in 1999, Fisher’s Titans won three games en route to the Super Bowl. What are the most glaring moments from that run? About to lose at home vs. the Buffalo Bills, the Titans needed a very controversial (because a forward lateral is illegal) known as the "Music City Miracle" to even advance to the second round. Watch here.

During that Super Bowl, down 23-16 with no times outs on the Rams 10 yard line, the Titans run a passing play, throwing the ball five yards short of the end zone. McNair’s pass to Kevin Dyson ended up one yard short-resulting in a loss for the Titans. Definitely an underrated “All-Time” dumb move.

..Or how about how conservative Fisher was in last year’s playoffs, as noted by ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook in his TMQ article. This marked Fisher’s second time in which he lost at home in the second round with the league’s best record.

Even Vegas is down on the Titans, giving them the sixth highest odds for AFC teams, and a low over/under for wins with 9.5, considering the team won 23 total games the last two seasons.

I really feel that Fisher has botched his current quarterback situation, and if the Titans miss the playoffs with Collins behind center, Fisher should theoretically be given the pink slip. Any other team (except Pittsburgh) would do the same in that situation.



    The guy is delusional.

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    Cutting him would be Especially since he can start on a number of other teams right now.