Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 NFL Predictions

Note: I have tweaked my original AFC Playoff picks, switching the Jacksonville Jaguars out for my hometown New York Jets. Yes, I am a homer…and yes, I am very confident about the Dirty Sanchez era in NY.
Here they are:

AFC East:
New England (13-3), NY Jets (9-7), Buffalo (6-10), Miami (6-10)

AFC North:
Pittsburgh (11-5), Baltimore (10-6), Cleveland (7-9), Cincinnati (5-11)

AFC South:
Indianapolis (10-6), Jacksonville (9-7), Tennessee (8-8), Houston (7-9)

AFC West:
San Diego (12-4), Kansas City (7-9), Denver (6-10), Oakland (4-12)

NFC East:
NY Giants (11-5), Dallas (10-6), Philadelphia (9-7), Washington (5-11)

NFC North:
Green Bay (11-5), Chicago (9-7), Minnesota (9-7), Detroit (4-12)

NFC South:
New Orleans (10-6), Atlanta (9-7), Carolina (7-9), Tampa Bay (4-12)

NFC West:
San Francisco (10-6), Arizona (8-8), Seattle (7-9), St. Louis (3-13)

Wild Card: Pittsburgh over NY Jets, Indianapolis over Baltimore
Atlanta over New Orleans, Dallas over San Francisco

Divisional: San Diego over Pittsburgh, New England over Indianapolis
NY Giants over Atlanta, Dallas over Green Bay

Championships: New England over San Diego, Dallas over NY Giants

Super Bowl: New England Patriots over Dallas Cowboys

Yes, I realize people might be counting out Dallas- but the NFC is very wide open. If Romo doesn't get injured last year, Dallas makes the playoffs. I think Romo makes the jump in 2009.

10 Over/Under Season Wins' Bets:

Take the over:
San Diego (take the over 10.5 wins)
New England (take the over 11.5 wins)
NY Jets (take the over 7.0 wins)
NY Giants (take the over 10.0 wins)
San Francisco (take the over 7.0 wins)
Green Bay (take the over 8.5 wins)

Take the under:
Buffalo (take the under 7.5 wins)
St. Louis (take the under 5.0 wins)
Washington (take the under 7.5 wins)
Tennessee (take the under 9.5 wins)


  1. Either Dallas wins the Division or they are not going far in the playoffs. They haven't won a playoff game in a decade. They need the bye.

  2. Dallas will not be going to the playoffs. Tony Romo has proven himself to be a non-big game quarterback...or October MVP. The problem with being a October MVP is that the big games are in January. Romo is 0-3 in "do-or-die" games.