Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad Teams Have Bad Quarterbacks: 2009 Edition

It’s been easy to distinguish which teams, prior to each NFL season, will most likely not make the playoffs simply by looking at how bad their starting quarterbacks are for week 1.

In 2006- Houston (David Carr), Oakland (Aaron Brooks), Tennessee (Kerry Collins) and Detroit (Jon Kitna) went a combined 19-45

In 2007- Buffalo (JP Losman), Cleveland (Charlie Frye), Oakland (Daunte Culpepper), Detroit (Jon Kitna), and Atlanta (Joey Harrington) went a combined 32-48.

In 2008- Kansas City (Brodie Croyle), St. Louis (Marc Bulger), and Detroit (Jon Kitna) went a combined 4-44!

None of these teams made the playoffs….

Going into 2009, there are fewer teams as usual, especially since the Detroit Lions came around and smartly named Matthew Stafford the starter over Daunte Culpepper (hmm, maybe they had some help?).

So without further ado, here are the four teams with the worst quarterback situations going into week 1.

Cincinnati Bengals (Carson Palmer): Palmer is only 15-21 the past three seasons. I think it's officially safe to say Palmer isn't that good.

Tennessee Titans (Kerry Collins) Even after a 12-3 season last year, Collins is still under .500 with a 79-85 career record. Why isn’t Vince Young starting again?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Byron Leftwich). Leftwich won the uninspired quarterback competition over Luke McCown, despite two younger options on their roster (Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson). Leftwich has made it clear that he is a back-up quarterback in this league.

St. Louis (Marc Bulger): Bulger is 14-37 since 2005 and 4-23 in the past two seasons. It feels like I have mentioned this before...hmm

I expect the Bengals, Buccaneers, and Rams to be some of the worst teams in the league (that aren't Oakland), with Tennessee missing the playoffs after high expectations from their successful 2008 campaign. Don't say I didn't warn you!


  1. Tenn still has an incredible run attack and a good defense. That was what carried them last year. I don't think they'l live up to the lofty expectations that people are giving them, but they won't be a bad team by any stretch. Kerry Collins is in there to be Trent Dilfer, which means no make mistakes. If Collins can just not throw interceptions, they'll be able to win games on the ground, just like that Ravens team that won behind a defense and Jamal Lewis. Tenn def has a legit shot at the playoffs, and we'll see from there. Oh, and vince young isnt starting because he's fat.

  2. Reply to JP Corso:

    Qbs not making mistakes isn't always good enough to win games on a consistent level. At some point, your team needs a good qb to make plays and win games. Expecting Collins (an under .500 career qb) to do so two years in a row is a major stretch.

  3. Jay Cutler has a 17-20 record as a starter. Is that really that much better than Carson's 15-21? I like Carson as a QB a lot. I dunno about the Bengals as a whole though.

  4. Reply to Anonymous:

    Cutler only has 37 starts under his belt. Palmer has 65...that's two more years. We'll find out alot about Cutler this season, whereas, we know all about Palmer.

  5. To be fair with Palmer, he has never fully recovered from that injury in the 2006 Wild Card game. He was approaching superstar status before that hit that set him back.