Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Move/ Bad Move starring Tom Cable

Good Move:

Down 17-13- 4th and 14 at their own 43 yard line with 2:41 left, Tom Cable decides to go for it on 4th down and as a result, JaMarcus Russell throws a 57 yard touchdown pass to take the lead 20-17.

Many people thought they would punt in this situation. However, if they did punt, either way they needed a stop to get the ball back. So kudos to Tom Cable for taking a chance while they could.
Also, even if they did not convert, Oakland still had to stop San Diego from getting a 1st down to stay in the game. If San Diego got close to a first down and were in field goal range to take a seven point lead (i.e. an 8 yard drive- would be a 52 yard field goal attempt for San Diego), Oakland still has to score a touchdown. This was a smart move to seize the moment while they had a chance, even if they didn't convert on 4th down.

Bad Move:

As noted by ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook (TMQ), “The Raiders, with 21 ticks showing, inexplicably called timeout, in effect granting the Chargers an extra snap. (San Diego needed to conserve its own timeout for a field goal attempt to tie and force overtime.) On the bonus snap, Sproles ran for the winning touchdown. Where was Oakland's football IQ?”

This time-out call could have directly cost them the game, especially if Sproles didn't score on that play. Bad move, Tom Cable!


  1. Tom Cable can never win in your eyes...Can he?

  2. Reply to "TonyRomo.."

    Sure he can. I gave him credit for a good move, but then he made a dumb move.