Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open Letter To Eric Mangini: How To Keep Your Job

With the Cleveland Browns’ season going up in flames, Eric Mangini’s job security is suddenly very much in question.

As Michael Lombardi notes in the National Football Post,“Nothing has changed since his move to Cleveland. The stupid fines, the secrets, the pretending to be like someone else, the lack of communication with the staff, the second-guessing have all surfaced on the shores of Lake Erie. What player is going to want to sign up next year for a chance to play for him? Since being labeled 'Mangenius' and dining at Vesuvio on “The Sopranos,” Mangini is 13-22 the past three years and falling -- rapidly."

On top of that, former first round pick, Brady Quinn is looking more and more like a dud (1-5 career record, 64.5 passer rating), and Derek Anderson hasn’t looked much better since his 2007 break-out season (3-6 record, 62.1 passer rating).

So my suggestion to Eric Mangini on how to possibly turn around the franchise and potentially save your job? Brett Ratliff

Brett Ratliff you say? Who’s that? Well, as many of you may not know, Brett Ratliff is a 24 year-old, undrafted third year quarterback out of Utah, who would have been the starting quarterback for the New York Jets this year over Kellen Clemens if not for the Mark Sanchez trade.

Yes, the very same trade that Browns’ fans everywhere are regretting since the emergence of Mark Sanchez, who has won his first three NFL starts.

So what better way to make people forget about this awful trade? Play the quarterback that Mangini insisted on being thrown-into the Sanchez trade!

With Quinn and Anderson’s stock dropping very rapidly, the only way to reclaim some value with either of them is to win with one of these quarterbacks (which doesn’t look very likely!). So at what point do the Browns completely give up on these guys? Mangini already has given up on Quinn after 10 quarters, and the season looks to be a goner after only 3 games.

So my proposition to Mangini: This Sunday’s home game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals should be Derek Anderson’s one last chance. Win and he keeps playing. If he doesn’t, let the Brett Ratliff era begin!
Mangini has nothing to lose, since he would most likely be fired at the end of the season anyway.
If Ratliff gives Browns' fans any excitement, Mangini can claim that he found this unknown (Ratliff) and that he was the secret to the Sanchez trade!

Mangini: Playing Ratliff is your only hope…


  1. Actually, thing have change in Cleveland...They're much worse. My recommendation to "Mangenius"...write the following memo:

    Dear Brown's Owner,

    Me stupid! Me stupid long time! Fire I now.



  2. Derrick Anderson does what he does best...LOSING! Anderson was a one year wonder!