Tuesday, September 15, 2009

QB Shuffle: Week 1 Notes (continued...)

THE CLUTCH (continued)

Down 24-13 with 5:32 remaining, Tom Brady led two consecutive touchdown drives, including a touchdown pass to Ben Watson with 55 seconds remaining to cap off an improbable comeback victory over Buffalo, 25-24

Down 17-13, JaMarcus Russell threw a clutch 57 yard touchdown pass to give the Raiders a 20-17 lead with 2:34 remaining. However, this left way too much time on the clock for…

Philip Rivers, who nonchalantly led the Chargers 89 yards down the field for a game winning touchdown to win the game, 24-20.

THE non-CLUTCH (continued):

As good as Trent Edwards looked in Buffalo’s touchdown drive to put them up 24-13 with 5:38 to go, with the game on the line, Edwards looked lost. With :45 seconds left, down 25-24 and two time outs, Edwards had a great chance to get his team in position for a game-winning field goal. However, Edwards ended up taking two awful sacks as confused coach Dick Jauron looked on. By the way, doesn't Jauron look like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder?


With New England down 24-19 with 2 minutes remaining and all three timeouts, Monday Night Football announcers were debating whether New England should go for an onsides kick or kick it long. Super Bowl winning coach, Jon Gruden, stated that this was a no-brainer- because New England should kick it onsides to give the team two chances (not one) to get the ball back. Ron Jaworksi disagreed, stating they should kick it long because they should trust in their defense.

Jaworski’s strategy makes no sense! Relying on your defense is a given. Why does it matter if the offense gets the ball around the 50 yard line or their 20 yard line? The defense still has to prevent them from getting a first down or the game is over. Wouldn’t anybody take the 10% chance (as noted by the commentators) of recovering an onsides kick over essentially 20-30 yards of field position? Like Gruden said, why limit your team to one chance at getting the ball back, when you can take two.

Jon Gruden came off like he won a Super Bowl championship, whereas Ron Jaworski came off as a washed-up quarterback who went 23-38-1 in his last seven seasons. New England ultimately kicked it long (huh?), but recovered a fumble on the run-back (very lucky).


I must say- those AFL uniforms looked great last night, especially during the Buffalo-New England game. All of these teams should keep the throwback uniforms full-time (especially Buffalo!). I can understand why New England would be against this idea though for karmic reasons.


I am very pleased by how the Jets' season has started. Their defense looked great, and I am absolutely giddy about Mark “Dirty” Sanchez.

Confidence Scale (out of 10): 8 – and I think we have a legit chance vs. the Pats next week!


Based on my Fourcade formula, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 quarterback performances from week 1.


1) Drew Brees: 358 yards, 6 touchdowns, 1 interception
2) Tony Romo: 353 yards, 3 touchdowns
3) Tom Brady: 378 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception + game winning drive
4) Joe Flacco: 307 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception
5) Matt Ryan: 229 yards, 2 touchdowns

28) David Garrard: 122 yards + non-clutch performance
29) Matt Schaub: 166 yards, 1 interception
30) Jay Cutler: 227 yards, 1 touchdown, 4 interceptions + non-clutch performance
31) Matthew Stafford: 205 yards, 3 interceptions
32) Jake Delhomme: 73 yards, 4 interceptions


  1. Brady got lucky that that kickoff returner was stupid. If he ran out of bounds at the 12-yard line, Buffalo wins and Brady looks bad.

    As for the AFL uniforms, the Chargers, Raiders, & Bills have great uniforms. The Pats uniforms can be kept in storage. The Titans of New York is just too bland! I love the refs uniforms.

  2. Leodis McKelvin is retarded. Brady should have lost.

    Rivers is looking good.