Tuesday, September 29, 2009

QB Shuffle: Week 3 Notes (continued)...

THE non-CLUTCH (continued)

Down 13-7 with 5:57 remaining, Jake Delhomme threw a pick six the other way to give the Cowboys a 21-7 lead and eventual victory. Monday Night Football commentator was quick to point out that both of Delhomme’s interceptions weren’t necessarily his fault. However, I would suggest that it is the quarterback’s responsibility to get everyone on the same page, and in Delhomme’s case, it looks like his team may be giving up on him (especially Steve Smith).


With Second and goal on the Carolina’s 1 yard line, up 10-7, Dallas decided to run two consecutive jump ball plays to the wide receiver. Yes, on the one yard line. Both attempts went incomplete and resulted in a field goal, which begs the question, why do teams continue to run this play in close to the goal line situations? This is obviously a low percentage play for success, and since it’s essentially a jump ball, it is somewhat risky.

This, on top of Dallas’ scared-y-cat punt on fourth down at Carolina’s 38 yard line with 6:05 remaining, the Cowboys coaching staff could have cost the Dallas the game. Luckily for them, Delhomme didn’t make the Cowboys pay, throwing a pick-6. However, for all the hype offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is getting, he sure does make some head-scratching decisions.
Up 13-7, Dallas (-9.5) covered because of Delhomme's pick-six late in regulation, and later benefited from a garbage time Delhomme fumble to secure the cover for Dallas.


In lieu of Chad Pennington’s injury leading him to miss the remainder of the season (on top of his poor play), I just wanted to proudly say, “I told you so.”

From my August 24th post: “Before 2008, Chad Pennington has made the playoffs three times. In all three post-playoff years, Pennington has either played poorly, gotten injured, or all the above, going a combined 6-14 in those years. Pennington has proven he can’t put together two consecutive good seasons...and wouldn't you know, Pennington is coming off a great season.

So for Betting reasons - Do not take the Dolphins 15-1 to win the Conference or 11-2 to win the division. Also, take the under for wins at 8.0. However, if there were odds that back-up Chad Henne will start some games this year for Miami, I would take those odds.”

Looks spot on to me! Pennington is now 6-17 in years after making the playoffs.


Two weeks in a row, Rex Ryan implemented the anti-prevent defense at the end of the game, and I love it.

Sanchez, although shaky at moments, pulled through, and yes, “showed poise”

Confidence Scale (out of 10): 10 – If we beat the Saints, the Jets will then have four consecutive winnable games (@ Miami, vs. Buffalo, @Oakland, vs. Miami) before the bye week.

Amazingly, the Jets could cover their Vegas seasons wins over/under of 7.0 by week 7 or 8! I am giddy.


Based on my Fourcade formula, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 quarterback performances from week 3.

1) Peyton Manning: 379 yards, 4 touchdowns, 1 interception
2) Kevin Kolb: 327 yards, 2 touchdowns
3) Joe Flacco: 342 yards, 1 touchdown
4) Aaron Rodgers: 269 yards, 2 touchdowns
5) Jay Cutler: 247 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception + clutch performance

28) Chad Pennington: 54 yards, injured
29) Marc Bulger: 23 yards, injured
30) Brady Quinn: 34 yards, 1 interception, benched
31) Byron Leftwich: 22 yards, 1 interception, benched
32) JaMarcus Russell: 61 yards, 2 interceptions

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  1. Homer report induction:

    Tony Romo: just 255 yards (0 TDs)

    The reason why Dallas won was Jake Delhomme (2 INTs).