Monday, September 21, 2009

QB Shuffle: Week 2 Notes...

With week two almost in the books, here's my post weekend notes. Part two will come out tomorrow...


Tied at 31-31, Matt Schaub led the Texans on a late time-consuming field goal drive to take the lead over Tennessee with 2:58 remaining.

Despite a very poor game, JaMarcus Russell got it together and led a 69 yard touchdown drive to take a 13-10 lead with 1:12 to go for an Oakland Raiders’ victory.

Tied at 14-14, Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a what-should have been lead taking drive. However, kicker Jeff Reed missed a 43 yard field goal attempt, which ultimately led to…Jay Cutler leading Chicago 41 yards with 3:18 remaining, for a game-winning drive to win 17-14.

Down 31-30 with 3:40 remaining, Eli Manning coolly led the Giants 56 yards to a game-winning field goal drive as time-expired in their victory over Dallas.


Down 28-20, Jake Delhomme drove Carolina down to Atlanta’s 17 yard line with 3 minutes to go. After three straight incompletions, Delhomme threw an interception on fourth down to essentially lose any chance of winning for the Panthers.

Aaron Rodgers’ comeback attempt fell short as a false start at the Bengals 10 yard line ended the game for the Packers. Green Bay was down 10 points with two minutes remaining, and recovered an onsides kick after Rodgers led the Packers to a quick field goal.

Down 34-31 with 2:55 remaining, Kerry Collins' fumble cost the Titans any chance at a comeback victory against the Houston Texans.

Down 13-10 with 1:07 to go and all their timeouts, Matt Cassel failed to get the Chiefs in field goal range, throwing an incomplete pass on fourth down to end the game.

Down 16-9 with 1:48 to go, Tom Brady threw four straight incompletions for a loss of downs, resulting in a loss to the New York Jets.

Down 9-7 with 1:55, Marc Bulger gave the Rams no hope, pinned at their own 4 yard line. Four incompletions later, Marc Bulger is inexplicably still the Rams starter.

Philip Rivers came up short late on two occasions in the Chargers loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Down 28-26, Rivers threw a costly interception with 4:35 remaining, which put Baltimore up 5 with 2:54 remaining. With the Chargers having to score a touchdown, Rivers led San Diego all the way to Baltimore’s 15 yard line with :41 seconds to go. However, Rivers threw an incomplete pass and Ray Lewis ended the game jumping a rushing route on fourth down for a Chargers' loss.


Kudos to Rex Ryan for going in the anti-prevent defense up seven with 1:48 to go against Tom Brady and the Patriots. How many times do we see teams inexcusably go into the prevent strategy only to have it blow up in their faces? As a Jets fan, I am sold on the Rex Ryan regime.

Kudos to Redskins’ coach Jim Zorn, who tried to put the game away, up 9-7, going for a fourth and 1 on the Rams two yard line right before the two minute warning. Even if Washington didn’t convert (which they didn’t), they would be leaving the Rams pinned back inside their own five yard line, essentially with no hope (since their quarterback is Marc Bulger).

Did You Know:

Marc Bulger has won only four games in his last 29 starts…and is still their starter!

Shaun Hill is now 9-3 as a starter.

Brady Quinn is now 1-4 as a starter with a career 66.2 passer rating.

Jay Cutler’s Chicago Bears are 1-1. Kyle Orton’s Denver Broncos are 2-0.

Vegas Implications:

Atlanta (-6.5) up eight points avoided a hail-mary pass at the end of regulation to secure both the win and cover over Carolina.

Kansas City (-3.5) up 10-6, failed to cover due to Oakland’s touchdown drive late to take a 13-10 lead.

Jeff Reed’s late field goal cost Pittsburgh (-2.5) the game and the cover.

Part two comes out tomorrow...stay tuned!


  1. Tony Romo threw 3 INTs with a nightly passer rating of 29. You've convenently left that one out. Once again, Romo cost his team the game.

    As for Marc Bulger, how is this guy still an NFL starter?

  2. Tony Sparano can be added to coaching blunders. His offense has proven itself to be completely inefficient. They held the ball on Monday night for 45 minutes and only scored 23 points. They had the ball with over three minutes to go and needed to throw a "Hail Mary" in the end. Oh yeah, Peyton Manning had the ball for under 15 minutes and couldn't be stopped. He only called 10 plays in the second half, yet outscored the "Wild Hog" offense by 4 points.

    Did anyone catch the commentary by Matt Millen on Sportscenter? When Steve Young called the "Wildcat offense" a fad, like "Wishbone" & "Run-and-Shoot", Millen, the architect of the 0-16 Lions, came to its defense citing a Donald Duck cartoon.

  3. Reply to Anonymous:

    The last drive was hard to watch..Sparano really cost them.

    Do you have the dialogue for the Millen/Young exchange? That's funny stuff.