Monday, October 26, 2009

Paging Dr. Common Sense: Sorting Out The Quarterback Drama

Here are some free common sense suggestions to the following NFL teams-facing critical decisions on their quarterback situations.

Buffalo Bills: Since the organization has much more invested in Trent Edwards than Ryan Fitzpatrick, they should ride out the season with Edwards and evaluate at the end of the season whether they should move in another direction or not. Fitzpatrick, although statistically boring, has quietly gone a respectable 5-3-1 in his last 9 starts.

Oakland Raiders: Let’s face it, Oakland is out of viable options. They would be wasting everyone’s time starting either Bruce Gradkowski or Charlie Frye. Although it appears that JaMarcus Russell (7-16 record, 66.7 passer rating) is clearly a bust, maybe riding out the season with him struggling, would give even more reason to completely start over at the quarterback position for 2010.

Cleveland Browns: As mentioned in a previous article, Eric Mangini needs to start Brett Ratliff for the remainder of the season. Both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn have played horrendously, watching their trade value plumment. However, Mangini can save face by playing Ratliff, whom could instantly be the saving grace from the Sanchez trade.

Tennessee Titans: Tennessee needs to play Vince Young for the remainder of the season. Although I believe Young is now a lost cause since coach Jeff Fisher completely threw him under the bus, perhaps Young could grow some value for next year. I think Tennessee is headed for a new coach and quarterback for 2010.

Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City paid big bucks for Matt Cassel, so he obviously should play right now and probably the remainder of the season. However, if things are looking really dim towards the end of 2009, perhaps they should give Matt Gutierrez a look.

Tampa Bay Bucs: The Josh Freeman era looks to begin for Tampa. Hopefully there’s enough positivity from that to gain some steam looking into the 2010 season.

St. Louis Rams: Well, the St. Louis Rams have lost 17 games in a row. Marc Bulger has won 4 games in his last 32 starts (14-42 since 2005). Bulger’s back-up, Kyle Boller, is equally inadequate. So what’s the downside in letting Keith Null play out the remainder of the season? Either way, this was a wasted year for the Rams, who were dumb enough not to draft a quarterback in last year’s draft.

Carolina Panthers: Although I have been an avid supporter of Jake Delhomme, this past Sunday’s loss at home to Buffalo may have been Delhomme’s last start as a Panther. Delhomme has had a great career with Carolina, but if John Fox was looking to make a move, now’s the time to do it with the season essentially lost at 2-4. They should ride out the season with Matt Moore, and see what they have him in. If Moore shows no upside, Carolina should have a brand new starter in 2010.

San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary has hit the panic button. When Singletary benched Shaun Hill in the 49ers sixth game for Alex Smith, San Francisco was holding a tie-breaker for first place in their division. As this happened, I penciled in the NFC West for the Arizona Cardinals. Thanks to Mike Singletary, it looks like I got this prediction wrong. Good luck re-playing the failed Alex Smith era!

Washington Redskins: As it looks like Washington will ride out the season with head coach Jim Zorn, they should do the same with quarterback Jason Campbell. Either way, look for a new head coach and quarterback for Washington in 2010.

Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck is their starter, but how reliable is he at this point? Coming off serious injuries last year, he has had two great games, two awful games, and missed two games due to injury so far this year. Back-up quarterback, Seneca Wallace, shows some pulse- but I think Seattle has to seriously consider going in another direction at quarterback for 2010.

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  1. I love that look on Jim Zorn all last night. He looked like a kid, who got in trouble and is being scolded by mommy.

    Has anyone ever mentioned that Jeff Fischer looks like an aged Freddie Mercury impersonator? Any minute I expect him to start singing "Under Pressure" while asking directions for "The Tool Box."