Tuesday, October 13, 2009

QB Shuffle: Week 5 Notes...

Week 5 is in the books. Here are my post-weekend notes:


Tied at 13 with 3:09 remaining, Tony Romo led the Cowboys on a lead-changing touchdown drive, capped off by a 59 yard touchdown pass to Miles Austin. Then in overtime, Romo connected again with Miles Austin for a 60 yard game winning touchdown pass for the win, 26-20.

Down 20-13 with 2:16 left in regulation from their own 26 yard line, Matt Cassel led the Chiefs to a game-tying touchdown to force overtime, capped by a 16 yard touchdown pass on fourth down. However, Cassel failed to get the Chiefs into field goal range in overtime twice in overtime, getting as closes as the 50 yard line.

Down 17-9 in the fourth quarter, Jake Delhomme led the Panthers to 11 unanswered points to win 20-17. Delhomme’s biggest play came on a 3rd and 8, getting the first down to ice the game.

With 2:15 remaining, down 14-10, Carson Palmer led the Bengals on a 86 yard touchdown drive to beat the Baltimore Ravens, 17-14. Palmer converted on a fourth down on the game winning drive, which was capped off by a 20 yard touchdown throw. This marks Palmer's fourth time in the "clutch" column out of five games.

Kyle Orton led a game-tying touchdown drive with a 11 yard touchdown pass with 5:21 remaining to eventually force overtime. Then in overtime, Orton led the Broncos on a 53 yard drive, which led to a game-winning field goal to beat the Patriots, 20-17.

Down 27-24 with 5:12 remaining, Chad Henne led Miami on 70 yard touchdown drive which ended on a Ronnie Brown two-yard rushing touchdown to take the lead with :11 remaining. Henne went 3 for 5 for 34 yards on the winning drive, including converting two key third down passes.


Trent Edwards failed to get Buffalo in scoring position throughout the game, including no points in three fourth quarter possessions to lose a pitiful game to Cleveland, 6-3, at home.

The "winning" quarterback of this game, Derek Anderson, played even worse, completing only 2 of 17 pass attempts, including 0-5 in the fourth quarter. If not for a late fumble off a punt, which led to Cleveland’s game winning field goal, this game could have ended 3-3.

Down 28-20 with 3:07 remaining, from their own 29 yard line, Daunte Culpepper failed to get Detroit in position for a game-tying touchdown. After leading Detroit to Pittsburgh’s 21 yard line, Culpepper took three consecutive sacks, which ultimately led to a loss of downs and game for Detroit.

Down 20-17 with 9:21 left, Jason Campbell failed to get Washington into scoring possession, which led to a punt with 5:14 remaining. Washington never got the ball back

Matt Schaub cost the Texans the game by throwing a pick-six interception to give the Cardinals a 28-21 lead late in the fourth quarter. Schaub then tried to redeem himself, getting the Texans in position to tie the game with a touchdown in the two-minute drill, but failed to score from a 1st and 6 on the Cardinals’ 6 yard line (including three plays from the 1 yard line), losing the game on the last play (running back Chris Brown got stuffed on 4th down).


In overtime, Kansas City coach Todd Haley, elected to punt twice on fourth down (4th and 5 on their own 46 yard line & 4th and 9 from the 50 yard line). Especially for a 0-4 team, maybe you should go for the win, instead of hoping not to lose. Kansas City ultimately lost the game 26-20.

Soon to be fired, Jim Zorn, punted on a 4th and 5, from their own 49 yard line with 5:15 left, down 20-17. Washington never got the ball back. Again, Washington is a team in desperation...why not take a calculated chance?

With two time-outs in his pocket, Rex Ryan just watched as the Dolphins scored a late touchdown to take the lead 31-27. If Ryan had used those time-outs, the Jets would have had a more promising chance at the end to run a few plays, rather than a desperation hail-mary from their own 43 yard line.

Did You Know:

Jay Cutler’s Chicago Bears are 3-1. Kyle Orton’s Denver Broncos are 5-0.

Kyle Orton’s career record is 26-12 (68%)

Kerry Collins, Kerry Collins' career record is now 79-90 (47%). He is also now 17-30 (36%) in the year after he makes the playoffs. Again, not really a surprise that the Titans are 0-5 when they have a bad quarterback. If only someone had warned them...hmm

After starting out his career 9-4, Trent Edwards is 4-11 since.

Jason Campbell is now 4-9 in his last 15 starts.

JaMarcus Russell is now a career 6-15, with a career passer rating of 68.0


Can I erase the Miami game from my memory? On top of Rex Ryan's mis-use of time-outs at the end, the Jets defense looked like swiss cheese.

The next three games for the Jets before the bye are very winnable (vs. Buffalo, @Oakland, vs. Miami). However, after last night, I remain alittle skeptical. Anything other than going into the bye at 6-2 would be a major letdown.

Confidence Scale (out of 10): 6.5- Perhaps a home game vs. the Buffalo Bills will help get things back on track?


Based on my Fourcade formula, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 quarterback performances from week 5.

1) Donovan McNabb: 264 yards, 3 touchdowns
2) Matt Hasselbeck: 241 yards, 4 touchdowns
3) Tony Romo: 351 yards, 2 touchdowns + clutch performance
4) Peyton Manning: 309 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception
5) Kurt Warner: 302 yards, 2 touchdowns

24) Joe Flacco: 186 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions
25) Shaun Hill: 198 yards, 1 interception
26) JaMarcus Russell: 100 yards
27) Kerry Collins: 164 yards, 1 interception
28) Trent Edwards: 152 yards, 1 interception + non-clutch performance


  1. When can we retire Peyton Manning from the best column as well as JaMarcus Rusell from the WORST column?

  2. Derek Anderson should be in the worst column?

  3. The Brady Quinn experiment is over: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4557284

    Get ready for more bad quaterbacking Cleveland...45 years and counting.

  4. Reply to Anonymous:

    Yes technically Anderson should be in worst column. In fact, he did put in the worst qb performance this past week. However, the formula takes into fact wins/losses...so for this week only, that came in to play, b/c he did "win" even though it was by default.

    Brady Quinn selling his house could pave the way for the Brett Ratliff era to begin in Cleveland. As I mentioned in a previous column, this would/could be Mangini's only chance in keeping his job and giving Browns fans any type of hope.