Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 6 Picks...

Note: Home teams are in CAPS. All Lines courtesy of

Houston (+4.5) over CINCINNATI
Detroit (+13.5) over GREEN BAY
Baltimore (+2.5) over MINNESOTA
NY Giants (+3.5) over NEW ORLEANS
Carolina (-3.5) over TAMPA BAY
Kansas City (+6.5) over WASHINGTON
JACKSONVILLE (-9.5) over St. Louis
PITTSBURGH (-14.5) over Cleveland
SEATTLE (-2.5) over Arizona
Philadelphia (-14.5) over OAKLAND
NY JETS (-9.5) over Buffalo
NEW ENGLAND (-9.5) over Tennessee
Chicago (+3.5) over ATLANTA
Denver (+4.5) over SAN DIEGO

Three Best Bets: Kansas City (+6.5), Baltimore (+2.5), Philadelphia (-14.5)

Upset Delight: Kansas City over Washington, Houston over Cincinnati, NY Giants over New Orleans

Suicide Pool: Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 7-7
Season: 40-36
Best Bets: 6-9
Upset Delight: 3-2
Suicide Pool: 5-0


  1. Matt Millen's crowning achievement, which was fulfilled last December, looks like it will be matched this year. We have 3 favorites to go 0-16: St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Oakland Raiders. St. Louis is my favorite. They have an overrated & injured QB...A defense that couldn't stop the Little Giants with Coach Rick Moranis...and an O-line that can stop a dying pygmy marmoset from sacking their QB. The Bucs have returned to their '76 form, when they lost 26 straight games. I guess getting rid of Jon Gruden wasn't such a hot idea.
    The Oakland Raiders are run by a guy, who now reminds me of the Soprano's Uncle Junior in the show's final season. They drafted seventh best WR in last year's draft as the seventh overall pick. They cut former Pro-Bowl QB, Jeff Garcia in favor of JaMarcus Russell. (Yes Al Davis is THAT senile.) Their coach tried to kill their Offensive Coordinator.
    What about Buffalo & Cleveland? I love the Dick Jauron era in Buffalo...the team played their coach and failed to get the require SEVEN points to win. As for the winning QB in the Bills-Browns game, Derek Anderson played up to his true potential, only competing 2 passes. For Halloween, Eric Mangini & Dick Jauron should be introduced as the walking dead coaches.
    How about them Titans? (listens to the crickets)
    Oh yeah, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! (I found out the crickets have season tickets to the Jaguars...Daniel Synder ran one of the NFL's premier franchises and Six Flags into the ground.)

    The Detriot Lions could have a 3-game improvement (anything is an improvement if you finish the awful season of 0-16) and be picking seventh or eighth in the draft. The 2008 New England Patriots won 11 games (11 wins usually gets you a first round bye) & missed the playoffs. The 2009 Detriot Lions could be 3-13 and not be picking in the top 5.


  2. Response to Anonymous:

    The Raiders already won a game so they can't go 0-16. Also, the Raiders cutting Garcia for Russell was a good move. We didn't know how bad Russell is until now. Getting rid of a guy nobody wants so you can play the guy you drafted 1st is a good move b/c you need to see what you have.

    Best chance at 0-16 is the Rams. Bucs hired a coach who has never been a coordinator, which is like being promoted from an intern to the boss (ridiculous). Bucs also wasted starts on Leftwich and Raheem Morris is currently playing a guy who he has already deemed publicly as "a career back-up." Josh Freeman will be starting by years end.

    Lots of bad teams this year...and all those bad teams have bad qb situations (no surprise).

    Not so much parity at all. There's always bad teams with bad qbs and coaches, and good teams with good qbs and coaches. QBs are the common thread.

  3. I loved how Belicheck-Brady embarrassed the jeff Fischer and the Titan Nation.