Monday, November 23, 2009

Do Logos Make A Difference? Redesigning Logos In Need of a Change.

Since 1993, six teams underwent a logo change (not including the expansion Baltimore Ravens who were once the Cleveland Browns), and in every case, the team has improved. Let's look into these drastic changes...

New England Patriots: In 1993, New England went from this to this.

Ten Years before Change: 70-89 record, 2 playoff appearances (3-2 record) and one Super Bowl loss

Since the Change: 161-95 record (not including this year), 10 playoff appearances in 16 years (17-7 record) and 5 Super Bowl appearances (3 rings).

Analysis: Despite the fact that I loved the old Pat Patriots uniforms, there was definitely a karmic shift with the logo change.

New York Jets: In 1998, the Jets went back to a throwback design from this to this.

Ten years before change: 57-102-1 record, 1 playoff appearance (0-1 record)

Since the Change: 91-85 record (not including this year), 5 playoff appearances in 11 years (3-5 record) one AFC Championship Game appearance

Analysis: The move worked, with their 90s drab being forever associated with failure.

Tennessee Titans: In 1999, the Tennessee Oilers changed their nickname to the Titans going from this to this.

Ten years before change (as the Oilers): 84-76 record, 5 playoff appearances (1-5 record) played in two divisional playoff games

Since the change: 96-64 record (not including this year), 6 playoff appearances in 10 years (5-6 record) one Super Bowl appearance, 1 AFC Championship game appearance

Analysis: The change definitely made an improvement to the franchise, taking them to their first Super Bowl appearance. Still, their current logo is pretty bland.

Denver Broncos: In 1997, Denver went from this to this.

Ten years before change: 91-67-1 record, 5 playoff appearances (5-5 record), two Super Bowl losses

Since the change: 117-75 record, 6 playoff appearances in 12 years, two Super Bowl wins

Analysis: Again, I prefer the Big D logo to their current one, but you can't argue with results. The new design leads in Super Bowls 2-0.

New York Giants: In 2000, the Giants went back to a throwback design, going from this to this.

Ten years before change: 83-76-1 record, 3 playoff appearances (4-2 record) 1 Super Bowl victory

Since the change: 80-64 record, 6 playoff appearances in 9 years (6-5 record), two Super Bowl appearances, 1 win.

Analysis: The Giants had success with both logos, but their team has improved since the change.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: In 1997, Tampa made a big changing going from this to this.

Ten years before change: 52-107, no playoffs

Since the change: 105-87, 7 playoff appearances in 12 years (5-6 record) and one Super Bowl win.

Analysis: Although I have fond memories of the old Popsicle designs, Tampa's current design is much tougher, and like New England, made a karmic shift with the franchise, turning a gutter team to a Super Bowl champion.

So knowing logo changes can make a difference, which current teams are due for a makeover?

The worst teams of teams of the decade include the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills. All could use an update!

Detroit Lions: Detroit recently fine-tuned their current logo, but due to the Lions awful track record as a franchise….they need to start fresh! My suggestion? Why not just a simple over-sized D logo (like the Detroit Tigers)? They can even use the same font that the team just introduced.

I made the main helmet color "Honolulu blue" with a single black stripe down the middle of the helmet.

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo hasn't been to the playoffs since the Music City Miracle. Plus these uniforms are awful yet their throwbacks are awesome. So why not just go back to the throwbacks full-time? This one is a no-brainer. Done and Done.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns have never made the Super Bowl. Yes, their uniforms scream tradition, but let’s ask ourselves, isn't it just a reminder of losing? Simple solution!
The current orange helmets are confusing considering their nickname is the Browns. Yes, they were named after the Brown family. But why can’t they just have a brown helmet/logo design? Simply reverse the colors! Instantly more intimidating, and it’s simply an update from the traditional logo.

What are some other uniforms that can use an update? Two come to mind in my opinion, one being the Jets (which I’ll get to later), and the other is the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titans: To me, the Titans logo is extremely bland. My solution? Simple! The big logo of the Tennessee Volunteers looks great, plus your nickname is the Titans (translation: bigger than Giants), so why not just blow up the “T”…add a few stars from the Tennessee flag and voila!

Teams need to remember, change is good. I am simply offering these suggestions from both a fan and consumer's standpoint. Feedback is always welcomed, and if you work for one of these NFL organizations, feel free to contact me about the ideas!

Also, if you would like to use these designs for another website, feel free to contact me!

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  1. The city of Cleveland sued to keep the helmet design. I don't think they are willing to give it up.