Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Are The Cowboys So Hated?

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Tony Romo is a career 33-15 (69%) as a starter. Wade Phillips has a career 76-52 (59%) record, and is 28-13 (68%) coaching the Cowboys. What do both Romo and Phillips have in common? Well to the national public, they either stink, are overrated, and and/or are choke-artists.

Like the New York Yankees, the Cowboys are judged under an intense microscope every single day, and to most fans are very easy to hate. Actually, hate is not even a strong enough word, most fans loathe the Cowboys, and will do anything they can to bad-mouth them. Is it fair? Not really.

Romo is one of the premier quarterbacks in the league. Unfortunately, Romo has had a long streak of bad-luck, including the botched snap from a playoff loss to Seattle, a failed last-ditched effort against the Giants during the next playoffs, and missing 3 costly games due to injury (1-2 w/ back-ups) last year to miss the playoffs.

However, people forget to realize, sometimes even the best players and teams just need a few bounces to go their way. Tom Brady's career might have never taken off if not for the "Tuck Game". It even took Peyton Manning 6 years to win a playoff game, and he didn't win a Super Bowl until his ninth year (in which Peyton finally got some bounces his way during their AFC Championship comeback win over New England).

Wade Phillips is another great example. He has improved Bill Parcells' Cowboys team since he took over. However, his playoff resume is filled with unlucky breaks, such as "The Music City Miracle," while coaching the Bills (Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs since Wade left)- which to this day, still looks like an illegal forward lateral to me.But as we saw with the Yankees, and specifically Alex Rodriguez, things can change very quickly. A-Rod went from a career choke artist to a clutch World-Series winner just this last year. Dallas seems due for some good fortune, right?

Of course, dating and dumping Jessica Simpson (Romo), or sometimes looking lost on the sidelines (Phillips) doesn't help the Cowboys case either. For the haters- it just adds more fuel to the fire.

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  1. Wade Phillips didn't win a playoff game as a head coach....nice way to spin it.

    Since Marv Levy retired the Bills haven't won a playoff game. Wade Phillips's firing didn't start the problem...he was mediocre as their coach. Doug Flutie had to great season their as QB. He takes a meaningless game off. Phillips, being the idiot he is, benches him the week of a wildcard game in favor of Johnson. Flutie arguably could have ran the clock out on the Titans, preventing the "Music City Miracle". Also, Phillips as Broncos head coach benched Hall of Fame QB, John Elway.

    Tony Romo always has his best games in October & November. He always finds ways to ruin Cowboys's seasons. Last year, with the season in the balance he threw 3 INT's.

    Phillips & Romo deserve to be scruntized. They receive praise for doing NOTHING!