Tuesday, March 9, 2010

QB Shuffle: Weighing in on recent QB developments...

I decided to chime in during my brief hiatus to give some thoughts on the quarterback movement so far this off season. For updates sake- I am currently updating my book into a 2011 edition.

Giants went from David Carr to Jim Sorgi as their back-up. Basically a lateral move from a terd sandwich to a terd panini- since the Giants would be screwed either way if one had to play...

David Carr went to the 49ers, who will compete with Alex Smith as their starter- while the 49ers compete for the worst team in the league in the 2010 season.

The Browns cut Derek Anderson after trading for Seneca Wallace. Although Wallace is an okay stop-gap, back-up type, Cleveland should be looking to draft a quarterback high, because the Brady Quinn/Wallace combo is pretty awful.

Attention to teams: Don't fool yourselves about Derek Anderson- he stinks.

The Rams signed AJ Feeley. Why? Probably because they are the Rams. They will continue to be awful. If they don't draft Sam Bradford- they should be kicked out of the league.

The Rams finally cut loose Marc Bulger. Bulger should retire- because- you know- he's horrible.

Washington tendered Jason Campbell with a 1st round pick. You know who's not worth a 1st round pick? Jason Campbell. Same goes for Kyle Orton (1st round), Bruce Gradkowski, Brodie Croyle, Kellen Clemens, and John Beck (2nd round).

The Philadelphia Eagles decided to keep Michael Vick? Why? I don't know. They should have sold high, and let a team like St. Louis talk themselves into Vick. Same goes for the Donovan McNabb/Kevin Kolb scenario. McNabb is really good, but if he's not going to be their in 2011, why not start the Kolb era now, and sell high on McNabb?

By the way- McNabb would be a great fit in Minnesota if you know who retires...

Carolina announced the start of the Matt Moore era. Moore is actually pretty good and deserves a fair shot. For Jake Delhomme, like Matt Hasselbeck, is not a legit starter anymore, but would be an outstanding second stringer. I would love for the Jets to pick up Delhomme.

And finally, Kurt Warner has decided to retire. Luckily for Arizona, Matt Leinart stands as the best starter in the pathetic NFC West right now. Leinart, if given a legit chance, will surprise alot of people.

Free Agents left: Troy Smith could be a possible steal. Rex Grossman would be a great back-up somewhere.

The stay away at all costs list includes: Kyle Boller, Daunte Culpepper, and Josh McCown. If any team signs any one of these guys- it would be fiscally reprehensible. Although, teams are sometimes stupid enough to talk themselves into some of these duds- case in point- somebody just willfully signed David Carr.