Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NY JETS: Introducing JET BLACK HELMETS (Prototypes!)

Back in November 2009, I posted some new NY Jets' Helmet and Uniform Designs on my site, and it still remains my most popular article by far. After getting praise from Jets fans, and players (Darrelle Revis & Dustin Keller), I decided to get a pro-type made to help the cause.

To The New York Jets Organization: Let's Introduce JET BLACK.

Rex & Co. have given the Jets a tough edge, and uniform changes have proven in the past that it can lead to Super Bowls (see: New England, Tampa Bay, and Denver).

Re-tweet this article, post on Jets and NFL message boards, write to Woody Johnson himself---anything. Let's make this happen!


  1. Fortunately the NFL has not fallen into the flavor-of-the-day matte/satin sheen helmets, no matter the color. The satin/matte finish looks, well, unfinished, and non professional, and since teams can only use one helmet color/design, I don't see satin black helmet being the Jets one and only choice.

    IMO, your design loses any retro appeal through elimination of the JETS lettering inside the jet, but maybe that was your intent? I guess it could be said the Jets current unis are too retro, so I won't argue that point any further.

    I'm not sure if any NFL team has totally revamped its unis when opening a new stadium, but I can think of at least a dozen other NFL teams who should be getting redesigned unis before the Jets.

  2. The Jets are certainly overdue for a uniform redesign and rebranding, but your design isn't the right direction. The Jets Logo looks antiquated and passive, they need to reemphasize the Jets Wing lettering of years past and incorporate not black, but some of the shades of grey that are prominent throughout New Meadowlands Stadium. This would create a greater contrast to the Jets' hunter and also kelly green look and also provides a modern feel. Make a modern classic with horizontal stripes on the jersey sleeves with sleek typset for the numbers and letters.
    These are no longer the, "Same Old Jets," so why dress like them on the field?

  3. No uni change !!! No rebranding !!!! They did that already, and returned to one fantastic uniform !!!!

  4. Google 2012 NFL uniforms and look at the redesigns these are a much better idea

  5. No black! The current uniform is perfect.